Do Chihuahua Dogs Make Great Pets? The Pros & Cons

Study Why Chihuahuas Do or Never Make Great Pets

Chihuahuas can be the sweetest, cuddliest companion in the globe and they can often have as a lot attitude as a Terrific Dane. They qualify as 1 of the smartest breeds of the dog kingdom but at instances they can appear not to comprehend what you would like them to do, at all. Welcome to pet Chihuahua globe. Let’s take a appear at the pros and cons of getting 1 of these feisty buddies in your family members.


Chihuahuas are wonderful property dogs. Even a modest apartment can accommodate the requirements of the world’s smallest breed. They like getting outdoors, but genuinely are not that fond of rain or cold, so they are pleased indoors. With the addition of a doggy bed, they can be content material without having acres and acres of land for exercising purposes.

Chis (Chees), as you could possibly consider, do not need as a lot dog meals as bigger breeds, so your trips to the pet shop are fewer, and your wallet is not as empty from acquiring large bags of meals.

If you want an affectionate pet, you will uncover that your pet Chihuahua will really like to be held and petted. They like to lick, play, and comply with your each and every footstep throughout the day. When you leave them at household, they will watch via the window for your return, no matter how extended you are gone.

These small purse dogs travel conveniently. A lot of owners take them along on trips, to the market place, and on brief errands in the car or truck. You will not be lonely with your pet Chihuahua about.

Due to the fact Chihuahuas reside up to 18 years, you know you will have your buddy with you for a bit longer than you would a bigger breed.


Due to the fact of their size and their devotion and protection of the owner, pet Chihuahuas genuinely are not the very best choose for households with modest young children. They are protective and will even get aggressive if they really feel the dominant adult in the household is getting threatened by a different particular person or animal. Also, they are somewhat nervous about active, playful young children.

Seizures, hypoglycemia, knee challenges, a modest opening on their skulls that in no way totally closes, eye challenges, and heart illness, are well being challenges that have to be watched closely in this toy breed. They must be taken to the vet for frequent checkups due to these prospective challenges.

Chihuahuas have a tendency to be sturdy-willed, so it requires a lot persistence and tenacity to train and socialize them. With function they can be educated to do tricks and have fantastic behavior.

A petite bundle of really like for some, and distinctive challenge for other people, deciding on a Chihuahua for your pet is a choice that have to be created meticulously. These are wonderful small pets that can capture your heart most of the time and even when they do not the pros do outweigh the cons. If you are hunting for a modest dog take into account a Chihuahua pet. You will not be sorry as you will a wonderful small buddy for years to come. Try to remember that the very best gifts can come in modest packages.